Saturday, 12 May 2012

:: Modern Times Update!

I think this owl is my favourite!
three owls rousting

Lots of Danish Goodness

I think I would like to buy this lamp with my profit!

Macrame hangers

Sorry the pic's are rather ordinary but it was night time and I was delivering more hangers, they have been well received!

If you would like to see more? follow modtimespopup on instagram!

Happy weekend to you!


Psst I have been playing around with the look of the blog, is this black dot background better than the crumpled brown paper look?


  1. Yes, I much prefer the black spots.

    I'd so love to drop into that pop shop. Can you put a hold on the lamp? It's stunning!

  2. The lamp is amazing. And thats such great news that the hangers are being well received. I think this current look on your blog is a winner.

  3. Hello Love your blog, I think I like the crumpled brown paper, the spots are giving me a head ache.

  4. So happy that your macrame is doing well in the pop up shop, and I can't think of a better way to spend your profits than on that lamp. It's amazing!

  5. Thanks for the feedback ladies and a special hi to shutterbug! I think I might need to accidentally break one of my current less retro lamps to make room for that beauty, wouldn't want Mr Ouchflower thinking we didn't need it!

  6. That lamp is incredible! But, more importantly, congratulations! The owls and hangers are so amazing! I'm not surprised they've been well received. ^_^


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