Wednesday 23 May 2012

:: West German Pottery Collection

I just can't get enough of West German Pottery! 
Here are my lastest recruits to the collection, the lovely mustard yellow with pressed patterns, a nice place for the glaze to pool with the slender handle and the blue ombre with raised geometric patterns.

 I purchased them from an etsy store called Eclectivist
Kasia was lovely to deal with and she packaged them well and it was a really great transaction, I warn you though, if you click on the link you might be lighter in the pocket? or a least add her shop to your favourites, remember it's Christmas in July soon! 
(note to those of you in the northern hemisphere, Christmas in July, is an Aussie thing, we have the traditional Christmas dinner in our winter because December time can be just too hot!)

 The lovely Dana from Mid2Mod awarded me with an award! 
I'm very pleased and touched that she thought of me amongst her choices

 Recipients of the award are asked to tell seven things about themselves, so here goes!

1- I was born in England in 1975, to an English Father and an Anglo Indian Mother, I married a Scotsman and made an Australian!

2- I wear a ring on my thumb and have done since my early twenties, I have not taken it off and I think I never will.

3- I studied Pottery at University and in my honours year, one of my works was bought by Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, a great philanthropist for the Arts.

4- I heart Sting big time! Everything he does is magic!

5- At school, I was happiest in the Art room or the library.

6- I married in a green dress, made from a Vogue pattern by a dear friend.

7-  I draw everyday.

I now pass on this lovely award to:

Donna @ Hung Up On Retro
(A lovely friend and you'll love her Freaky Friday Posts)

Kylie @ Lucy Violet Vintage 
(She's on a blog holiday just now but I just have to share her part of the world with you)

(A Graphic Designer with her finger on the pulse, love her work!)

Kylie @ Paravent
(A Textile Designer who screen prints beautiful work and uses neon pink!)

Tes @ Milkveins
(A sweetie)

Raynor @ The Shy Lion
(A witty Lad, whose blog has loads for lovely knitted/crochet goodness!)

(Maker of Odds&Ends and a crafting mentor for me)

I hope you enjoy visiting their blogs!



  1. Tell me, did you buy all of them from Electivist? Wow, if you did!

    I love hearing about new foreign merchants of fine ceramic ware.

    Electivist has a great range. Hold me back!!

    Love reading about you too!

  2. Thanks for commenting Carmel! No just the two new ones, I luckily found two from op shops at a steal and the other at Waverley Antique Bazaar! But I have seen her current stock, hold me back as well!

  3. They are gorgeous! What an amazing shop and what a fabulous list of 7 things! I feel like we have so much in common now...well, a couple of things at least! but I'm sure we could find more ;) I was happiest in the art room or library too and my dad was English and I got married in a red dress! Thank you so much for nominating me Pippa :) I have done this before in my former life (3 Sheets) ... it's a hard thing to do, isn't it? It makes you feel so exposed but yes very nice to learn these things about you I must admit! Thank you so much for thinking of me :) I'm off to explore your other nominees. Kx

  4. They are lovely and its great to get to know you a little better. G.x

  5. Love the pottery! And thanks for nominating me.x

  6. Your new pieces are gorgeous. I too love West German pottery. And I love your seven reveals. It's always fun to find out new things about our blogging friends.

  7. Hi everyone, thanks for commenting on my reveals, it was a daunting but important post to do!
    I do think blogging friends are special! And Kylie, I'm glad you have accepted my nomination in the spirit it was given, I love your work!

  8. Thanks for including me Pippa, I'll share seven (boring!) things about moi when I resume blogging...
    I love your latest Germans, I collect them too (or I used too until I was priced out of the market!)
    Take care x

  9. I have some gorgeous Waechtersbach (German) Pottery canisters with a scandi type design on them in a beautiful indigo colour. You would love them I think......
    I could find a spot for your collection in my house, no probs......
    Tania xx

  10. I love the pots, and I wish I could start my own collection, but they are hard to come by in California... I will enjoy your collection instead. Lovely to find out more about you, I wish I could draw every day. I might need to start again.

  11. Thanks Kylie, your not boring, your lovely!
    And Tania I'd love to see your wares all scandicoasted up!
    And Mid Mod Mum, I'm pleased you popped by! Yes drawing is very therapeutic just 20 mins a day will get you going again! That's if you can find 20 mins of course, good luck with it! ;)

  12. That German pottery is amazing, I've never seen anything like it here in New Zealand. It's absolutely stunning though. How do you display it, cause you look like you have a few pieces now!!


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