Saturday, 30 June 2012

:: Good Times Ahead

 Great Day!

Today I scoured the local oppy's for glassware because Modern Times have asked me to return for their next installment! 
More Macrame!
They are expecting a new shipment of vintage furniture delights in august!...I will keep you updated.

Whilst mooching about I spied the lovely Pip from Meet Me at Mikes
She is my crafty guru!
She kindly chatted to me and let me gush at her!
I'm still smiling from our chance meeting :)

Then the morning got even better because I came home to inch high fluffy pancakes and a hot cup of tea....yum!



  1. Wooh! I got to meet YOU! And now I get to peek at your lovely work. And it is a bit freaking SPECIAL and ACE! Yay! Have a great day, Pippy-Pip-Pippa! xx

  2. Yey for you! You have definitely had a great day. Congrats on the Modern Times pick up - thats wicked. And so great that you got to meet your crafty guru. Good times ahead for you indeed.x

  3. Congrats on Modern Times redux. What fun meeting Pip! I always feel smiley when I meet a guru or a fellow blogger. You made a nice haul of containers for your projects.

  4. Thanks Pip, Donna, Dana! Xxxx

  5. awesome Pip, fantastic finds. I would love to collect all these things, I just need to build a monster cabinet to put it all in! Sounds like things are going your way, fantastic, well done.

  6. Good on you Pippa, that's lovely and exciting news x

  7. Yay, can't wait to see what you come up with next. Also, this comment will mark the occasion that I finally worked out how to leave a comment here!!


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