Monday, 1 October 2012

:: Embroidery!

Cactus range.
 School holidays and a bit of time on my hands and I have been busy with the needle!
I thought small embroidered art panels would be a nice addition to the shop?
I'm yet to figure out how they can be hung? 
As the dowel above idea, can make them top heavy and they are only small!

They could be framed but that would hide these pieces behind glass? I think they need to be touched? Tactile and all?

MC inspired


These panels are larger and allowed for some macrame fun!
My son has named these wall hangings 'Fruit'.
I think that works?

First week down and one to go!

If you are on instagram, you have seen them all before but thanks for popping by again! :)

If you have a favourite,  let me know?



  1. First and second = faves, but I truly love them all Pippa. I remember MMMC ordered some neat looking hangers online somewhere (she blogged about it), I'm not sure if they'd be suitable but they looked quite nice...
    I keep scrolling back to that top pic.

  2. Thanks Kylie, yes I think I will continue with the cactus theme! mmmmm wonder why?
    I will look in MMMC blog and go from there! Thanks for your loveliness not in least barbarian! xx

  3. I love them all, but the cactus and the second from the bottom are my favorites! I am totally in awe of your talent!

  4. Cheers Dana, I'm pleased you like them, I'm having heaps of fun coming up with new ideas! Currently have another cactus on the go! :)

  5. Very nice subject matter Pippa! loving it!
    A x

  6. I have never seen an embroidery of a cactus before! Lovely! Ada :)

  7. Again you have come up with the crafting goods - love them! Cactus one my fave too.x

  8. Pippa these are beautiful! You are so talented!

  9. Hi Pippa, love them all but think the cactus one is superdooper special! Would you be able to stretch them over board? A bit like a stretched canvas painting? S:)

  10. Thanks Andrea! How'd a thought the humble cactus would enlist such a love!

    Thanks Ada and Donna, I can count you two amongst the cactus lover club too!

    Hi Polly, thanks your very kind!

    Love the tip Sally I will give it a go!


  11. Ooooh, nicely done Pippa! I simply stretch my embroideries within a photo frame and use some duct tape on the back. Not the prettiest but nobody can notice... ;-)

  12. Hi Pippa, I came across your lovely blog via your comment on Modflowers, haven't had time for a proper look around yet - these kids just won't wait for their dinner!! But just had to leave a little love for these pieces, they are beautiful. I used to do a lot of embroidery but I'd forgotten how much fun it is, time to break out my needles again I think! Rachel x


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