Wednesday, 21 November 2012

:: Planter and Tassel

 Another hanger!
A great home for your air plant collection of a slow growing cactus!
I have used an indigo glaze and covered the slab pot with loads of pattern...I bet you can see the Bitossi influence now?

 I have used natural twine with a gold and indigo ouch bead!

 A new tassel colour!
TEAL, it's lovely and very MC!
I should of done this colour sooner....and look it matches the handsome German!

Click here to see some Tassel Bling!


psst hopefully the kiln firing goes well overnight and I will have more to show tomorrow!


  1. Just catching up with all your posts! Wow, so glad you've got back into the clay, love the combination! :)

  2. I just love the blue one. A lovely modern twist on an oldie but a goodie! G.x

  3. Gorgeous :) That teal colour is just fantastic! Kx

  4. You must be working round the clock to keep coming up with these gorgeous designs. Good job!


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