Wednesday, 14 November 2012

:: Teak Lovers Society

Teak is warm, luscious and rich!
It's the stuff, good mid century is made of!
So join me and become a member of the Teak Lovers Society!

How/Where do I sign up, I hear you ask??

1- Firstly, let me know in the comments, your in!

2- Grab the button and pop on blog. (if you want to make your own, that's cool)

3- Link the button to the Teak Lovers Society Page on the Ouch Flower Blog!

4- Every time you blog about Teak, title the post as 
'Teak Lovers Society' and we'll see this in our feeds and pop on over!

5- I will list all members and their entries on the 
Teak Lovers Society Page!
If you make your own page I'll link that too!

Let the Teak Love begin!

On a side note, if your up for a new blog friend, 
say hello to Tove from  "stuff that makes my heart beat faster"

Your heart will feel the same!



  1. Make me a fully paid up member please Pippa.
    The Teak Lovers Society Rocks!
    Now, back to my paint brush!

  2. I'm definitely a member. Can I be Secretary? xx

  3. I'm in!! What a great initiative! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, I'd love to make new blog friends:-)

  4. Thanks Ladies, after a lengthy interview process, teak credentials checked, I'm pleased to announce you have made it!
    Brismod thankyou for volunteering as Secretary!
    Yours in Teak, Pippa :)


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