Wednesday, 2 January 2013

I'm having a rest!

Tassel Top Hanger-Gold


I know!....but I had an order on Boxing Day to fill, then I put my hand up when a market stall call out was announced in my local area....but then it was cancelled and I now have all this new stuff!
So I thought I'd show you!

(Psst this is just some of it...I went nuts)

Tassel Top Hanger -Black

Tassel Top Hanger- Pink

Tassel Top Hanger - Chartreuse

Tassel Garland
Big Thanks to Tina from Vintage Movement for this great idea, do pop over and say hello, she's an ideas Gal!

These goodies have gone into the SHOP

If you have any bright ideas on what else i should do with them, I'd love some advice!

I look forward to catching up with all your blogs, cause lets be honest...blogging, instagramming, making is how I rest!


Do pop over here, a pair of my tassels are in a giveaway!


  1. Oh, really have been busy and deserve a rest. Treat yourself to only what you love for a few days! Happy, happy new year!

    1. Good advice Dana, I have lined up a thrifting expedition with our Donna! :)

  2. I LOVE your tassel top hangers Pippa. They're a modern macrame triumph! Especially the black one. What is the little plant in the glass bowl? The tassel garland is gorgeous too, just like I reckon its inspiration (Tina) would be. Shame about the market (glad I didn't book a ticket - ha!) but I'm sure you'll sell them anyway. I'll put my thinking cap on re new ideas, and keep you posted x

    1. Thought you'd love the black one, it's a bit specsh!
      That's a little fig tree, I bought it from the Bonsai section at the plant store.
      So far it is enjoying it's new home, I haven't had much luck with Bonsai trees but I will neglect this one and I'm sure it will do well!
      I hope your thinking cap is pretty fancy? :)

  3. Oh dear Pippa, you did it again- they're all SOOO beautiful!! I agree, the black hanger is amazing, and the chartreuse! Wow!

    1. I'm so pleased you like them Tove, I think I will make some more Tassel Top's in the black, it's got an edge?

  4. Hi Pippa. they are all pretty specsh! the garland, makes me think of birthdays! and a big thank little package arrived yesterday (santa was sleeping!). I adore them!. And yes Nic and I are fighting over the blue one, but ive now hidden it which makes it mine!
    Allison x

    1. Now Allison, I don't want to be the cause of marital unrest!
      So pleased they have arrived safely and you like them :)
      ......but Santa is a bit slack, the delivery took weeks, I posted them next day?


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