Friday, 25 January 2013

KNOT SCHOOL.....Knot #5

Welcome to KNOT SCHOOL

Today is the fifth in a series of posts, where I show you 7 basic Macramé knots.
You have been watching me for the past 18 months now it's your turn!

Chinese Crown Knot

Using a clip, fasten 4 X twine together. place at 12, 3, 6, & 9 o'clock.
Working clockwise, place 12, over 3.
Place 3, over 6.
Place 6, over 9.
Take 9 and put through the loop made by the 12.
And tighten, Chinese Crown Knot!
How lovely it looks!
Use the IKEA clips to manage long lengths of twine! A good tip! :)

On a side note, a HUGE thankyou and BIG hugs, for the support over my recent goings ons!
Some of you have been vocal, some of you have quietly demonstrated your faith and support in me and my tassels in other ways. I won't forget this :)

See you next week for the final installments of KNOT SCHOOL and some new tassel colours!

Safe and Happy Australia Day weekend to you all.

I'm having haggis tonight, it's Burns Night and I married a Scot....YUM 



  1. So amazing! I'm glad you're putting your logo on everything now.

    1. Thanks Dana, this knot I learned last week, so pleased to learn something new! :)

  2. That looks very advanced, but what a beautiful rope they make! Thanks so much for sharing, you're the best! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Tove! Give it a go, simpler than you think! xx

  3. Yum for the haggis or the Scot you married?

  4. Lol, cheeky 'Sister'! Both! xx

  5. Thank you soo much for this. I saw something made with this knot (just a pic) and have been searching for instructions or even something mentioning the name of the knot. Now I can try it on my 1/12 scale plant hangers :-)


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