Sunday, 17 February 2013

Thonet Love & another Tassel Twin!

I can really understand the appeal of Thonet chairs.

I came across this one on Friday, in good condition with a few scratches, nothing a sanding and polish wouldn't solve!
...and it was $25.00!

I decided that although I was not needing another would be great for styling the Tassel shots?
The trend of painting them bright colours is really popular here, should I paint mine?
If I would be yellow!

 She just sits there with femininity and poise, a nice little flick out of the leg!

The joys of being a chair lover is the joy of being a chair lover!

The Tassel Twins, I have recently made are going to some very dear friends!
It's their birthdays!
I have chosen the colours to suit their personalities and decor.
One has a serious love for Kylie Minoque and the other, the colour Turquoise!

 Happy Birthday Ladies! xx


Ps- I'm the latest issue of Real Living Magazine...bit chuffed! :)


  1. I think I'd leave the Thonet as it is. It's naturalness will match any coloured tassel. It's really quite lovely. I don't know where to put my tassels now I've taken them off the wardrobe. I do feel they look better as a pair.

    1. Pop them on a hook, on the wall? Off the corner of a painting/mirror? Door knob?
      As earrings and wear them to work! xx
      Think I will go natural, like the neon leg idea too!

  2. and chuffed you should be!!...for both...being a mag star and picking up a thonet for $25.00!. Natural (maybe with its legs dipped in a little neon?)....Real Living no less!....look at you go! it! x

    1. Thanks Allison...
      I won't forget you as I shoot off into the stars! LOL ;)
      Neon legs sound great!

  3. Wow those tassels are beautiful! And congratulations on Real Living!

    1. Thanks Shannon! Pleased you popped by :)

  4. Dear Pippa,

    I rushed out and bought Real Living, flicked throught the pages, but no ouchflower tassels :( I had another proper look, still no tassels! It finally dawned on me, that they must be in the new issue which comes out tomorrow. I shall be first in line at the Newsagent's!

    Signed a proud friend.

  5. Real Living mag-so great!! Cant wait to grab my own copy this week. Love the chair as is. And the twins are both spectacular! Lucky friends u have. Xx

  6. The tassels are lovely!! A Thonet, what an amazing find! I'd go with just a sanding and a polish, to show off that beautiful wood. Makes it easier to match your tassels too:-)
    Congratulations on your magazine feature, so well deserved, is it online?

  7. I feel famous simply because I'm in your blog's company, really looking forward to seeing you in RL. Love your Bentwood chair, my bff's parents have a set they bought from Thonet as newly weds and have just updated them with a high gloss lick of paint, I must say they look fab!. xx Tina

  8. Beautiful chair, My neighbour has them in black around her dining table and they look fab. Love the little ducky too!

  9. What a score. I would've brought the Thonet home with me too. Lol like another chair is needed around here! Natural never dates. xx

  10. Another beautiful set of twins, and they look great with the Thonet. Congratulations on the magazine feature. It is so well deserved. You have been turning out beautiful pieces left and right for ages now!


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