Thursday, 14 March 2013

Crying shame....

Can you see the train wreak about to happen?

 Today I thought I'd share my monumental stuff up!

I'm so proud that....
1. I managed to assemble this vintage loom! Look at the packaging , 'Vintage Girl' smiling, weaving away, look mummy!   ....pphifft!!!!

Skivvy Wearer!
Pandora's Box....nothing but trouble here...Beware!
Don't get woooed by the TYPE
  2. Deciphered the Vintage instructions!

 3. Gathers all the naughty string!....I'll straighten you out Bucko!

But what person fails to warp the twine into straight lines?...what's with the diagonals??? (twit)

Now you have buckling, uneven warp and a whole load of trouble!

So now all delusions to my craftiness have been shattered.... LOL

All jokes aside I will undo this weave, straighten up the warp....and be back soon with a weave!

...can't have Vintage Skivvy Wearing Girl Smirking!

Have you stuffed up craft wise? 
Show us, lets swear, cry and laugh about it?

This post is for you Estelle xxx



  1. You're still waayyyyy ahead of me ;O)

    1. Lol! Where you starting from?
      You got it sussed on the jewellery front!

  2. Yeah. Don't let the skivvy girl win! xx

  3. All the time! Soon you'll be the poster girl for weaving. Farewell skivvy girl. x

    1. Yeah!
      One day, I will say sling ya hook to Skivvy Girl!

  4. You'll master it, Pippa! I know you will, you always do! Before we know it something gorgeous has come out of it, can't wait to see:-)

  5. But it looks so good to me, I can't see any wonk in it at all.
    (so do your toe nails btw)

    p.s. I'm counting on you!

    1. Black with gold sparkles!
      A bit of disco for the foot!

      ....pressure, pressure! xx

  6. i am sooo out of my league in this conversation!...all im reading is "blah blah blah"...."chick in a skivvy"..."blah blah blah"....soooo if I call back tomorrow are we gonna see you in a woven skivvy???..
    you've impressed me just by putting the thing together!!
    Al x

    1. Oh dear friend suggested a poncho, will that do?

      I'll stick to tassels, macramé and plants from know on?

  7. You can conquer this ... and if it's any consolation ... I often have crafting disasters too ... Bee xx

  8. I'm sure you will have it whipped into shape in no time!!! I salute you! :) x

  9. Craftastrophies all the time here. If it were easy it wouldn't be so satisfying, would it?

  10. She does look a tad smug doesn't she? Good luck with the unravelling. (Although I'm with Kylie, looks good to me!)
    If I was crafty, I'm sure I would have MANY a stuff up.
    It is an artists job to be tortured by their 'craft' to spur them onto make the gorgeous creation that is destined to be.
    (so philosophical for Friday!) xx


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