Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Got away!

 Mr Ouch and I decided that little Ouch needed an adventure with maximum travel experiences! (low cost)

Yesterday morning at 6am we boarded a suburban train to Frankston, then a Vline to Stony Point and then a ferry to French Island!

A reward for early risers!

Little Ouch
 On arrival to our accommodations, we were again rewarded with the site of this furry bottomed creature! 
Kev the Koala!

 And this view!

 This is me getting arty with the camera whilst we wait for our lunch!
French Island has a very rugged coastline, very different to our bay beaches. 
All mangroves and amazing bird life!

 We stayed at the McLeod Eco Farm, once an old prison, still eerily has the old prison signage.

 Then I met this wall hanging, in the old rec hall/education centre!
I think I squealed with delight too!
 This is the first time I have seen one of these weaving's in the flesh......I so wanted to release it from its imprisonment and take it home with me!
I know now why we had come!

Now a farm full of contented animals
The old library
View of Prison perimeter

Prison cells with sea views

 I let little ouch have a go at the camera...I said photograph things you like...he said I like you mama and took this...ahhh bless!

knackered waiting for the ferry home!
Bye French Island



  1. I can see your delight with the wall hanging....gorgeous!
    I remember going to French Island on a school excursion many years ago...a great day out.
    looks like you wore out little ouch.
    Bec x

    1. It's so close to Melbourne but yet it's so different!
      A great lesson in self sufficiently, no power, no roads, no sewerage!
      Yes I now have a secret crush on that wall hanging!
      What a school trip! What do you remember Bec?

  2. Great shots Pippa...beautiful looking place...and worth it just to see a piece of fabric wall art in the flesh....its got it all...weaving, tassels, natural dyes :)

  3. I am re-reading my childhood Famous Five at the mo, French Island sounds like somewhere they'd go for one of their adventures. Little Ouch is very cute, and how perfect he chose his Mum as the 'thing' he likes, to take a snap of.

    A few months ago I could've bought a very similar wall hanging, unfortunately I was with my girlies who refused to let me buy that "smelly old thing!" They are a formidable duo when they're working together - against me, so I caved and didn't buy it. I went back the next day because I couldn't get it out of my head, and what do you know? Of course, it had sold (to someone with more sense than me and better taste than those girls of mine!)

    So that's the second wall hanging I've missed out on, the third one I find is coming home with me. No buts about it!

  4. What an adventure, memory making in action! :) x

  5. What a wonderful adventure for the family! You got some beautiful shots, including the one of the wall hanging, which I'm in love with too, incidentally. Don't you just love it when your little one says something so innocent and loving? The first time my two-year-old grandson saw me after I moved out to what he calls "the tiny house," he ran to me, gave me a big hug and said, "I missed you, Mammo." I had just been "away" overnight...:) (Holden calls me Grammo, but Grayson insists that I'm Mammo!)

  6. Oh my goodness, what a GORGEOUS place, Pippa! I love those rough coastlines, I guess you can tell from what I posted earlier...
    Little Ouch is so beautiful, looks just like his mum:-) What a great trip!

  7. It's so nice to get away to a place so totally different to our normal environment. Master Ouch seems to be taking it all in too!

  8. Oh what a gorgeous break ... looks like you all had a lot of fun ... Bee xx

  9. how exciting...just get up and go!!! you made me laugh when you met the wall-hanging!

  10. Looks like a lovely getaway! Never knew you could vacation in French Island! I did hear Kylie Minogue used to own a farmhouse there. Great pics and of course a great few shots of you and your little Ouch. : )

  11. so...have they called yet asking for the wall hanging back?....come on do you think no one noticed that little ouch was a little chubbier on the trip home!! fess up xx

  12. If I was you I totally would've stolen that wall hanging!!


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