Tuesday, 26 March 2013

this is why I'm smiling

I learnt that I am responsibility for the success of us 'living the dream'... a dream I have had all my adult life!

To make, for a living!

So yesterday and today I did just that.......your looking at my etsy banner, ouch has another shop!

If I want too tassel the world then the worlds biggest marketplace could just be the right place to start? ...duh!

I learnt that as a 'right brainer' I'm not happy if I am not pursuing my creativity and cultivating it!

I learnt that it's OK to want to make money, support ourselves and our families from an income generated by doing what we love!....Yeah sista!!

I learnt that we all must have an apprenticeship, continue to develop, build resistance to obstacles and be persistence (not pushy) If we are to achieve the BIG FAT DREAM!

I learned this in a safe, nurturing environment, through song with cake, with a whole lot of women creatives!

Via Pip's Meet Me At Mikes.
Day one
Clare asked us to write down what our BIG FAT DREAM was 5 years from now!

I started with the fact that Ouch Boy would be nine and went on from there........
Why? cause he's along for the journey and we quite like him.

All the day one speakers were pretty amazing but Kemi won my heart
She runs Kemi's Raw Kitchen and champions a change to our diets to "eat more raw'!
Simple, not cooked vegies but raw!
Her passion, wit and sheer stage presence had us hooked! Watch her video, you'll see!

That's a women whose living a passionate life!

Clare leading us through song!
Here's Clare she lead us and brought us together as a community by doing what she's passionate about.... music!
She was amazing!
We sang this!

(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-ship song)

Clare talked to about finding the 'Bingo spot'.

That's where your 'Big Fat Dream', your 'what you love doing' and 'what people want' collide, as in a Venn diagram!

I'm still working on that :)

She told us that we should think of marketing ourselves or our idea/product with integrity and authenticity in mind. 
That building a relationship with our customers/clients etc based on trust should be paramount
or quote "bad shit will happen" then she showed us this

Your gonna have a girl crush on this lady!

For the rest of the day:
.....we heard from a lady called 
Catherine Deveny,

 is a writer, comedian, author, social commentator and broadcaster well known for her work as columnist with The Age newspaper and as a ABC regular

Who had us in hysterics. 
She's a brave feisty woman that pulls no punches!
Her advice to women is to quote 'aim for fuck off status'. 
That's is where your standing on your own too feet, supporting yourself and your family, you don't need a man to do it etc...

She said some controversial things like, send your kids to public school, use the public health system, live in a cheap house, live in a cheap suburb and bring up your kids to be independent!

..I like anyone who believes in the state school system...we are doing our best!

 We ended the day with crafternoon and I went home, a very elated but exhausted mummy! I made it home for storytime.

report on Day 2....soon :)


  1. "Smile and the world smiles with you" right Pippa...I can feel your excitement and energy and joy about creating your own "big fat dream" and I think it's awesome x

  2. Congrats with your shop! I found you and favourited you:)

  3. feelin the love!!!!
    wish I went...
    need to work on MY big fat dream.
    Bec x

  4. Ahh yes, Milli Vanilli - a great example of "bad shit will happen".
    Sounds like a marvellous first day at your special weekend! Looking forward to the 2nd day update! x

    1. Oh yes! Knew you would like the Milli Vanilii analogy, we all screamed with laughter when she showed us that! See you soon, xx

  5. Truer words were never spoken, inspirational stuff...and who better to help deliver these words than Clare Bowditch - I think she is one of Australias most inspirational and motivational people, man or woman.

    1. I wasn't aware of this great ladies talents till the weekend and boy I was blown away, as was everyone! We need to bottle her! :)

  6. That sounds like a fantastic conference! I can't wait to hear more.

    1. I'm on it! .......but your fancy mod pad first! xx

  7. Go Pippa!
    I think it sounds like perfect timing for you and your tassels.
    I look forward to watching you tassel the world. x

  8. Fabulous!! You know it sounds like you were always going to give your dream a shot anyway regardless of any conference. Love reading this. Inspiration is contagious. xx

    1. Thanks your too kind! The conference has given me the extra push I needed! I also got to meet many folk I have admired too, an added bonus! xx

  9. I certainly have a girl crush (im a lezzy so I should just say crush right?!) on clare...what a woman. im inspired by your post so can only imagine how you are feeling after a 2 day conference.
    something about milli vanilli creeps me out but I just had to watch it...twice!
    whenever you post one of your marvellous creations im usually saying "fuck off?!"in amazement to my screen...so im thinking you already have that status....at least in my crazy brain x
    ok bring on day 2 x

  10. I love it when you pop by Allison, your a classic!

    ...And your children should not hear mummy swearing at the computer! Lol!
    Day 2 soon! xx

  11. So amazing and wonderful and inspiring and and and... Thanks for sharing this, Pippa :)
    I so need to take a whole lot of this advice... I think I would have spent most of the day crying ;)
    Looking forward to day 2! Kx

    1. Oh I was welling up constantly...but we all were and that was ok!
      You must try and get to the next one! xx


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