Sunday, 14 April 2013



So we have come to an end of my long Service leave, tomorrow I become Miss again!

 ......many thoughts cross my mind at the prospect...but forever the optimist.
 I have decided that I quite like teaching and I think I'm quite good at it too. 
I like teenagers, they grunt at you alot but when you've got their attention and they trust that, what your delivering educationally is not a load of c#@p, they go along for the ride. 
When the penny drops and their eyes spark know your about to witness an Art/Design awakening!
That's when I sit back and watch them go!
 If there going well, I tell them that when they are rich and famous, I get 5%!
Some cash should be rolling in soon! 

On that note.... I'm teaching Macramé here, in June! 
One class at the minute but if demands up, could be more!
The CAE is in Melbourne and I'm really excited to be apart of their team!

The other benefits are that I will be able to resume clay making!
I'm looking forward to making some more Ouch Beads, Planters & Bloom Vases!
Also what do you think of clay and tassels together????

So back to the top pic...playing again!
Thanks for sharing, commenting and supporting my L.S.L adventures!

.........and may the only drama in your homes, be tassels! ;)



  1. Dali-esque tassels! "The persistence of memory"

    Everything has come full circle ....Macrame being taught again :) Just wonderful, Im sure you will be a hit!

    I dont envy your going back to teaching...grumpy teenagers...but yes it is all rewarded when the lights are on :)

    At least It gives you an opportunity to produce things at the same time as you are teaching them...Kids are fascinated by what the teacher makes :)

    1. Love the Dali reference! ...I might use that ;)

      and thanks Ray!

  2. You sound very busy!
    I found an old macrame book I bought about 20 years ago and have been going to have a go at it again for about a year..... I like to think about things!
    Good luck with your course and your teenagers x

    1. Thanks so much Penny...and get that book out and give it a go!'ll knot regret it ;)

  3. I love the sound of clay and tassels......a lot.
    T xx

  4. My youngest daughter is very artistic, my hope is that when she goes up to senior school she will have someone like you who can inspire her creativity! You will be fab, I wish more teachers with your passion were in our schools! :) x

  5. I love the ad for your upcoming course - how exciting!! Great first pic too - the colours look so good together. All the best for tomorrow! x

  6. Good luck tomorrow Miss ... I hope you grow lots of talent for your pension fund ;) ... Bee xx

  7. Lots of luck going back to being Miss, Pippa! Wow, has all that lovely time passed already?? Sound like you have busy, but exciting times ahead! I'm looking forward to seeing you work your magic with that clay:-)
    All the best xx

  8. I know you enjoyed your time off, but I also know how much fun it is to work with teenagers, so going back will be great! Congratulations on teaching a macrame class.

  9. Wow that's so exciting! Wish I was in Melbourne so I could pop along to a class! Good luck with everything

  10. Good luck with it all - enjoy.


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