Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I collect.

 Three makes a collection...YEAH!
I picked up the cobalt blue Viking Carafe at my local market for $20.00, would you have paid that?
The heart shaped vase by Per Lutken, I picked up a year ago from a retro sellers market, from memory a similar price.

The Green Gul vase by Otto Brauer, was my first ever retro find on ebay, I'd seen pictures, knew nothing but I had to have one. I scored it for $50.00, 6 years ago. (ebay now over $400)

What was your first find?
What started you on the thrifting passion? SHARE?
Do a post about it?
I remember thinking that I wanted to collect but couldn't pick what treasure it would be, then I decided I would collect one of each MC/Retro item that peaked my interest.
So I did!
Whilst going through that process I learn't about what I liked and didn't like.
Through you guys, yes you! Dana, Ray, Brismod, MMMC, Tove!
I have learned so much more!
So I have decided I will showcase and share my collections over here...in I collect.

Ohhhh and would you believe that I made these in December last year and forgot about them till yesterday?
It's the martini's at lunchtime with Don.....

Ouch flower Bloom vases in the SHOP!



  1. I covet your Brauer!! I am always hoping to come across one in the wild and I definitely would have paid what you paid - sigh. Honestly, I cannot remember my first collectible! I was just a wee one all those years ago! :)

    1. I had not seen a Brauer since, so I was very lucky! ......and your barely past 25! ;0

  2. Hi Pippa..I have a small collection of art glass purchased in NZ over the years. I love modern forms and could just spend days oggling at its beauty. I would definitely pay twenty dollars for your lovely piece there.

    1. Oh good...sometimes you have to take a chance!
      I have a growing art glass collection too....I think I might need thrift anonymous! :0

  3. Oh I love the little bloom vases ... so beautiful ... Bee xx

    1. Thanks Bee, I will be making more, they are fun! xx

  4. Those twisty vases are gorgeous, love them!!! I don't really collect anything - I'm never very good at finding stuff, I wish we had American style thrift stores here in the UK!

    1. I have heard that the oppy's are a bit sad in the UK....but you have great thrift market?
      When you do find something you would like to collect Charlotte, it's a pleasure and an addiction! :)

  5. Oh goodness, your bloom vases are so gorgeous!!! You are one amazing potter:-) I love the way you use color and texture. And the glass, ooh, lala, beautiful! I've paid similar, if not more, so don't worry! If I've fallen that hard for something, I keep telling myself it'll even out in the long run:-)
    I found a Stavangerflint Brunette serving dish a few years ago, because I needed one and it looked nice, I guess that's what made me start collecting! In the beginning I was inpatient and didn't really have a clear idea of what to collect, but with time I've narrowed it down considerably:-)
    Thanks for putting humble me in the company of those great people:-)

    Ps. I collect- what a great idea for a new series of posts!

    1. I use that line, sometimes a bargain, sometimes not but hey!
      I'm going to research what a Stavangerflint Brunette is now......new collection maybe?
      Glad you like the little bloom vases, they are fun to make! xx

  6. Those bloom vases are super duper.
    And I collect because I'm just a hoarder at heart. lol! xx

    1. Thanks Brismod!
      Me too...Mr Ouch not so much, poor man wants a minimalist home! LOL

  7. love your work! i especially love the idea of martini's at lunch time with don ; )


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