Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Tassel idea's and some macramé!

I have been doing some thinking...What more can I do with tassels? 
I know?.... complex problem solving involved here!

I have came up with the 'stripe' idea and the pom pom idea!

Thanks to instagram, MMMC and Carly pointed out 'the stripe' made room for two colours
.....sooooo onto that big time!

And Welcome Tassel Triplets!

with my latest thrift find, lovely heavy wooden candlesticks, 
teak I think?

Arabian Blue Tassel Triplets

and a new hanger...Double Dip Macramé Hanger  
(Arabian Blue/Lemon)

 ....made with Vintage Macrame Beads!

Do you like the new idea's? Any suggestions?

On other news...I'm exhibiting my work at the CAE in Melbourne! In time for the June Macrame class!

Also in June I am going to market! ...yes the first Ouch Flower market stall!!!
Details over here!
....also thanks for the slump support, I'm now back on my feet!

Hope your well too xx



  1. Hey Pippa, I like these dip dyed things. Did I see you in Frankie? Have you become a celebrity since I was last here? And what is this of a slump? I'm about to investigate...
    Mia X.

    1. Hi Mia, whilst the cats away the mice will play!
      Yes to Frankie, what a great honour!
      Thanks for popping in! x

  2. It is fun to see your new ideas! All the best with your new market stall and exhibit too.

  3. I love that sweet little trio of tassels! What a great look!

    1. Thanks, I hope they will be popular!They have a different vibe to the Tassel Twins!

  4. The market sounds great. I will put it in the diary x

    1. Cool, thanks, hope to see you there! :)

  5. Just one word, Pippa, and I know I've used it a lot over here, but here goes- WOW!! Ok you know me, I can't stick to one....word, that is;-)
    Those tassels look divine, and the hanger- oh my! That market would be right up my alley, I wanna go- real bad!!
    Once again- I'm so happy things are going so great for you:-)

    1. Your WOW's are most welcome always and thanks!
      I will take pics xx

  6. Fabulous work as usual Pippa. Love the stripe long tassel. I love the texture of the triplets. Inspiring. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks I will! I'm enjoying the endless possibilities of twine.... :)

  7. Have you tried making them into curtain tie backs Pippa? I'm in the UK and remember when I was a kid we had some really big tassel tie backs on our curtains, though they weren't anywhere as nice as the ones you make!


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