Wednesday, 21 August 2013

weaving is wonderful

I weaved and I fell in love!

I weaved with this amazing lady!
and I think I developed a big girl craft crush too!

I really admire the work of Maryann, her islander vibe and work are so beautiful!
I weaved without thought just let the materials do their thing, I combined fabric, string, rope and raffia!

We chatted, ate biscuits and sipped some tea.....
I even made some suggestions as to the colour choices for her weaving...can you believe that...complete novice telling the master what to do....I excused myself and explained it was the teacher in me coming out and I'm a bit bossy too.

She was very gracious, if you have a chance to join her for a weave session, do.

 Making with clay this year is nigh on impossible so all my clay aspirations are to be put on the back burner for now, I don't have the time to keep the clay process ongoing! :(

....but once a week I get to teach the kidlets clay and whilst they make so do I.
Pinch pot heads or potheads are fun to make!

 This is Mr & Mrs.

This weave business got me thinking.
Weaving with rope is very similar to coil building with clay, the control and forms you can make?
I think that is what I'd like to play with next, rope pot forms!

Are you with me?
Will it sate my clay heart for now?
Am I kidding myself?



  1. Oooh yes - the rope pots are fab! I would love to learn how to make those Maori woven flax baskets. I have a picture of one on my wall that makes me slightly misty eyed and nostalgic. Have to content myself with plaiting my garlic and stringing my onions instead - it somehow fills the same internal need!?!

  2. Your garlic and onion string sounds perfect! There are many tutorials about and it's just a blanket stitch to join the coils but I felt I needed to learn this craft from a artisan. It being a traditional craft and me being a white 30 something English lass and all! xx

  3. I reckon you could clay or weave just about anything and make it look good! Your weaving looks great and it sounds like you had a good time at the class. Nice one.

  4. I think you should go for the weaving. What you already made look just great! And it goes so well with your tassels and macremé.


  5. The weaving is magical! I truly love it, and I also love the idea of rope pots. You've inspired me to make some potheads! :)

  6. You are so freakin clever Pippa.
    I wish I had your talent for working with my hands and colour and anything you turn your hand to basically lol.

  7. lovely pippa....pow that white and copper/gold is hot! Al x

  8. Hey gorgeous girl - that beating clay drum inside is very patient . LOVE the weaving x

  9. Hey gorgeous girl - that beating clay drum inside is very patient . LOVE the weaving x

  10. omg that little pot! i adore them! x


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