Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Giving's Good!

Please support the 'Bondville Charity Auction' this Christmas!

Click on here to peruse the lovely selection of goodies donated, all proceeds go to support the 'Children's Cancer Institute Australia'

I have donated this hanger for many reasons!

1. I'm grateful to all and sundry who support my work and efforts so it's good to share it back or forward as they say in the movies?

2. Cancer sux's 

3. By raising money so this institute does there best work..so eventually the need for it is obsolete?...I would put money to that!

4...and who doesn't like knots?


Spread the word if you can?
Pippa x


  1. I will add a link to my blog tomorrow Pippa.
    Nice one x

  2. Another great cause, Pippa! That hanger is bound to bring a lot of money in the auction. It's beautiful.

    1. Thanks Dana! ...I think every little thing helps. x

  3. Good on you Pippa. This is great. I love the hanger you are donating. xx

  4. Pippa thank you so much for your amazing artistry and donation - I will be bidding on it hard too! Thanks also for all your support and for spreading the word. xxx


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