Monday, 4 November 2013

Angel tassel and such!

I made a angel tassel.
I was inspired by Dee from @picturedthoughts.

I used leather to create the wings and hand painted them with gold paint.
I'm really channeling the angel Gabriel here! I've been wanting to come up with a tassel xmas dec, I really love Xmas decorations. 
I buy a new fancy one every year but this year I'm well and truly sorted!

 A new tassel!
Dip dyed white, I left some of the twine unbound, I think it adds to the textural look, what do you think?

 A Tassel Wreath!
I'm on a bit of a roll now!

On the home front!
Ouch boy's Halloween costume this year had to be Thomas!
So this masterpiece was created by my very talented Husband!
I helped a little bit and the boy pitched in too! was family affair!
I think we all love Thomas!

I clean this part of the house so my reward is to restyle!
I think the wall hanging looks great here, all gold and chocolate!
Can you spot the new tassel idea and a small ceramic ouch flower?

Day off tomorrow! YAY!

Pippa x


  1. Oh, so much loveliness, Pippa!! I'm loving the angel, the natural color of the twine and the rough texture of the leather shining through the gold gives it a cool hint of the 70s:-) The white dip dye is a great feature for Christmas!
    The Thomas costume is a winner, amazing work!! That little boy of yours is such a sweetie, it's always such a joy to see those proud and happy faces, like his, when he's wearing his hero!
    Oh my goodness, my holiday home ( as you called it!!! Please consider mine yours!!) looks stunning! I did spot your new little cactus, he's super cool! That wood legged lamp and the wood beaded tassels look awesome with your wall hanging!!
    I'm having the day off too, a bit involuntary, though, I'm down with the flu... Such great timing for a Pippa post:-)

    1. Ohh I hope you feel better soon! ...get someone to make you a hot tottie? So pleased you like little Ouchies costume, he was so proud of himself, that smile is priceless! xx
      House swap any day!
      I think I'll be addicted to dip dyeing in white for a while, it looks and feels amazing!
      Get better soon xx

  2. OMG Pippa, I love, love, LOVE your wall hanging! It looks perfect where you've hung it. I also love your angel tassel, the white dip-dyed one (my favourite so far - simple, beautiful), your new tassels with knobs on, and your teeny tiny ceramic cactus. I can't end without mentioning Master Ouchie's awesome Thomas costume - bet that's put the pressure on all the local Mums and Dads for next year! Wow!
    This was a great post. Would love to see more little glimpses around Chez Ouchflower x

    1. We were the only family with a handmade costume, talk about a family of over acheivers! Poor little Ouchie, what chance does he have?
      Yes I think the white is a winner too I will make more! More pics soon but that means cleaning! :0
      There is a similar wall hanging on eBay at the moment, you should check it out? xx

  3. can you send me the link please Pippa?

  4. Done! your in trouble, it's a beauty! xx

  5. oh a little white and gold addicted at the moment.....I think im channelling the gold coast early 80` I love that angel. I cant wait to show Charlie lil ouches Thomas....he will be thrilled. yep that wall hanging has found the perfect a feeling kylies bidding like crazy right about now! x

  6. Ready to pounce like a tiger! So pleased young Charlie is into a Thomas too!
    Yes white and gold! So eighties! Ahh eighties! I had a perm! xx

  7. yes gold tassel angels yes yes yes! The angels are singing in heaven with joy Pippa! love it all! More house shots please! I need to get my organised stylish clean fix somewhere!!!

    1. Will do sister! Just for you, thanks for the angel love! xx

  8. Pippa, I love the white dipped tassel and the tassel wreath! Both my little ones are big Thomas fans, so of course I love Ouch Boy's costume. I made costumes for my daughter when she was their age, but she's not big on crafts, so I'm the one who does crafts with the boys. We made Halloween decorations, including what has become our annual tradition...Spooky Eyes. :)

    1. I love a crafty tradition! I bet those spooky eyes are the business! pleased you like the Xmas dec's, I do too, they are one of the best bits about Xmas, that and great good and family! xx

  9. How cute is your little dude! Also an Ouchie Christmas is very very cool. Love all the new things - the angel is a winner. xx

    1. Thanks Brismod! He absolutely loved it, he has it in his room now. We won't be shifting it any time soon?
      So pleased you like the angel tassel xx

  10. Pretty tassels, beautiful lounge room and amazing rocket lamp!


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