Thursday, 24 July 2014

A bit of thrift!

Hello 70's latch hook from ebay!
Come to my home and hang out on the blue wall!
Even Mr Ouch said you were a bit of alright!

I love lidded forms and I really enjoyed making them back in the day too.
This little piece is Scandinavian I'm told?
Terracotta, glazed white with a tin oxide brush work? 
Very sweet and very well made.
I can't recognise the makers mark, let me know if you can?

My Toy collection is growing!
Got a thing for Vikings! CHARGE!!!!
They make me smile :)

Got a thing for modernist jewellery at the moment and have amassed a collection, which I hope to post about soon. Very easy to sneak in the house ;)

The necklace in the centre is new, it looks like a Pentti Sarpaneva but it doesn't have the same link to the necklace as my others have but hey I loved it and figured it needed a home!

I'm on maternity countdown #35weeks, come on loveheart lets meet??

Pippa x 



  1. Where's Ouchflower Missy???

    1. I'm here! Where are you? ;)
      Lol, logo is there, just thinking about a new blog focus seeings you won't hang out on insta anymore? So I need another reason to blog about other than my own ramblings? x

  2. Hello Pippa,
    maybe you know I´m not the awving fan, but I realy adore your blue wall and your sidebaord.
    Greetings, Ria

    1. Fair enough Ria, she's pretty out there! :)

  3. The wall hanging is fantastic! So envious. I adore your necklaces too! Good scores. Hope leave going well. I will text you about a catch up. : ) xx

  4. Love your necklaces and wall hanging and the new lidded piece. I'm so envious of your Girard doll! Hope your leave is relaxing and giving you time to prepare for Loveheart.

    1. He was a very cheeky bargain and on reflection I should of bought more at the time, a shop sale! :)

  5. Great collectibles Mrs! Wish you a happy and smooth last few weeks before the big day :) Kx


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