Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Eye Candy

If haven't yet fallen in love with Pinterest....good! because it is so addictive.
but if like me, you are!...... well then you'd love my recent pins to my board

Mid Century Designer Goodness




  1. they are all so good! great post. love me some eye candy : )
    haven't really jumped aboard the pinterest train yet. sounds like I should give it another whirl. I am a member, but maybe I need to spend more time on it.

  2. It's like thrifting but cheaper....but meals times sometimes get misplaced :)

  3. Great inspiration pics, love your G Plan below. xx Katherine

  4. Thanks Katherine! I'd been coveting G plan for a while so I had to get them. Have you come across any G plan, in your business?
    Pippa :)


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