Wednesday, 9 November 2011

G Plan

 I'm a chair addict but when these G plan nest of tables came up on eBay...I had to have!

As soon as it was delivered I flicked through my 
G plan book and I wanted to share.

G plan was made in the UK by High Wycombe,  designed by Donald Gomme.
It was the furniture for everyday people, for all budgets. I remember my parents and grandparents had some G plan in their homes.

If you want to see more British Mid Century furniture and decor see the 'Made in Dagenham" film, good flick but the set's are amazing!

I love fresh flowers

The G plan bible

Would love a ladderax system in my home.

Beautiful illustration
Comfy chair..yes please.

More great illustrations.

This is the closest piece of furniture I could find in the book, that matched mine!


  1. I want the G Plan book! And your nestle tables - they are amazing! Nice score.
    I haven't made it to Vinnies yet to see if I can rescue the sideboard you mentioned. Hopefully over the next coupla days. (But I believe my husband may divorce me too!) I laughed when you wrote that. ps. have you seen this months Real Living mag yet? - AMAZING!

  2. Those nestle tables are indeed amazing. Love it.

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    Real Living...I think I dog eared nearly every page!
    so inspirational :)


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