Saturday, 28 January 2012

Arabia Finland sugar bowl+Cacti= Very cute

I'm soooo in love with my new cactus! This cutey came about when I spotted Andrea's work 
Her label is Odds&endS, she beautifully crafts these knitted cuties and sells online and at stockists around Melbourne, Australia.

Her latest range of cacti live in thrifted vintage ceramics and that got me thinking.....I wonder if she could put my $2.00 thrift find Arabia pot to good use?

I introduced myself.....
We both agree it was a match made in heaven.

Andrea has also posted about our joint venture and my recent craft foray of macrame,on her blog remember to notice, do have a peek, stay a while! Maybe even become a follower!

It was great meeting Andrea and her adorable son and share our joint love of making, thrifting and vintage/retro goodness!


  1. Awesome! Andrea's work looks great, as does her blog.xx

  2. You're right Pippa, Andrea's blog is fab thanks for the heads up...I've got my eye on that cactus on the right. Love yours in it's little Arabia pot too btw.

  3. Those are the cutest things I've ever seen! The one in your pot looks adorable. More Ouch Flowers, huh? :) (I still smile every time I see the name of your blog!)

  4. Thanks for the cacti love ladies!

  5. Love the idea behind your blog and oooh that cactus!! I want one!

  6. It would be a lovely addition to your home, Something Gorgeous!

  7. Very cute, love cactus, in fact they are going to be part of one of my next collections, but for now I have to get on with the drawing and see what i come up with, thanks for stopping at chocolatecreative. marga

  8. Thanks Marga, for stopping by also! who'd a thought cactus could bring so many folk together!
    P x


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