Thursday, 26 January 2012

Florence Broadhurst

In honour of Australia Day, I thought a look at Florence was in order!

Florance was years ahead of her time, the complex, eccentric and talented Florence Broadhurst was born in rural Queensland, Australia in 1899.  By the time of her death in 1977 Broadhurst had lived and worked in Australia, Asia, and England; performed professionally on stage; been befriended by royalty; exhibited her paintings; and started an internationally successful wallpaper company whose success was based upon her own designs. 

Today Signature Prints are licensed to sell her prints.

If you'd like to learn more, click here.

Florance Broadhurst 1899-1977
Serious use of colour and repetition.
Great read, I can lend you mine!
 Some wallpaper examples

Soon Kate Spade will be releasing a range inspired by our Florence, can't wait for that!



  1. Such an interesting post...and what a fascinating woman! I remember some of those wallpaper patterns from the 70s, but I didn't know Florence Broadhurst's story. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love Florence's wallpapers, but apart from that, what an amazing life (and death) she had. You couldn't read about it! Well you could, and I have (and I've seen the flick too) All I need now is some of her wallpaper...

  3. I love her wallpaper. Beautiful designs! Great post. Hope you had a Happy Australia Day! xx

  4. I'm so pleased to find some fellow florry fans, what a women! If we all go quarters we could wallpaper a room! I dibs my front palour in the west wing! LOL

  5. The eccentric ways and mystery of Florence are so interesting, count me in on a quarter, her prints are divine! Great read too, havn't seen the film tho, will add that one to my to do list!

  6. This makes me want to paper my whole life!

  7. If I was hosting a comment competition, you'd win Shy Lion, cause that was priceless, love it!

    And Alicia your in! Thanks for stopping by :)


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