Friday, 13 January 2012

Instagram fun

 With iPhone in hand and a small budget.
I went to the Vintage Shed in Tyabb for a mooch about!
All pics have had the early bird treatment, are you on instagram? 
I am, look me up! or tell me your user and I'll look you up!
Either way, we share :)

Bit of retro kitchenalia

Danish chair

Cute shop tag

West German pottery

Industrial shop front

Groebal mustard pot

Hoot Hoot

Island inspired retro wares

Swimertone Staffordshire
depression glassware
Incidently I bought these ladies home, the colours are amazing!

I think I have started another collection, what will my beloved say?

Speaking of Beloved, I love them in the mid 90's, did you?


  1. Oh I love the Foxy & Ginger print and the depression glassware.

    Great photos you took :)

  2. Ooooh, I love the West German fat lava pottery!

  3. LOVE these pics!! & love the Vintage Shed. Gorgeous glassware. Top finds. Jealous much?!!

  4. Cheers, the prints were for sale retro goddess in poster form, they look great! Thanks for dropping by:)

    Dana how are the West German pottery priced in the U.S? These ranged from $40-$70 aud, I have heard they are the next big collecting item!

    Donna, we have to do this together, soon xx

  5. Great pictures, thanks for sharing and i love your creativity, lovely blog :)


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