Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Colourful Heart...

I find my creativity needs many outlets and I tend to work in different art forms, at different times and they come in cycles.
Now I feel an itch in my fingers, an idea forming in my mind of what to draw next.... 
Posted below are pics of my last drawing adventure, now framed, hanging in my dining room. 
This was created in early 2011, hence the itching, tingling and strong compulsion to see what new images I can create  now.
 I used ink and fine liner and built the image up slowly, it wasn't planned just evolved.
Are you a doodler? Lover of pattern and colour?


  1. Wow! That is wonderful. Bits of it remind me of a really lovely vintage sheet. I wish my doodles were as frame-worthy!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love the colours. You are very clever - a one woman crafty, talent show.xx

  3. Gorgeous! This goes waaaay beyond doodling!

  4. Thanks Ladies, your comments are very sweet :)


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