Sunday, 19 February 2012

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I love to collect...but I'm an eclectic collector!

If it's retro ceramics then I'm in. 
I prefer to have one of each of the makers and occasionally I'll seek similar designs but often one piece is enough.

Well I do have a few Arabia pieces.... but the apple design is my favourite!
One West German , one Soholm etc

My love of ceramics lead me to completing a B.A in Craft, 
pictured are my most recent work.
Motherhood has put clay on hold, hence the macrame fascination.

Wheel thrown and hand built, porcelain ware.

 Oh and who doesn't like a bit of Midwinter 
and a Jesse Tait clock, to keep the pulse racing.


  1. Hi, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Reading about your collection, I fell we're the same: I like mostly to collect one piece of each too, and I'm not one of those who needs to have complete sets of things! Love your macrame, reminds me of the ones made by my sister in the 70s. I actually have one, I think I have to hang it up now - and show you!

  2. Oooh I love that clock. Simple, stylish and the most beautiful colours.

  3. Such beautiful pieces...I love the blue vase. We sold a full Midwinter tea set several weeks ago. Until we found it, I was unaware of Midwinter, but now I'm a huge fan and have done 2 or 3 posts about it. I love the Jesse Tait and Terence Conran designs.

  4. Oh my, you do have some lovely things in your collection. I'm a bit like you ... one of each I'm happy with. But I have a terrible Bitossi obsession and saw a yellow vase the other day which I think I'll have to claim.

    I'm so interested in your BA in Craft ... did you make that white porcelain bowl?

  5. I love your own porcelain works, you will have to get back into it when your babies are older!!!!

  6. Crikey! Your skills are endless! Beautiful pieces you have made. And great finds too! The clock is gorgeous. I have the dinner set of the plate to the top right of the clock, purple/blue flowers.

  7. WOW, thanks to all for commenting, please post your collections so that I can return the favour!
    Arctic mum, I would love to see your macramé!
    Makeminemidcentury, I love bitossi too! My B.A was in clay, I graduated in 97 with honours. I focused on hand carved porcelain wares, all wheel thrown the lidded form is all I have left at the moment. I was Preggie with master ouchflower at the time....internal inspiration!
    Yes Veraleen I do hope to return to clay one day ;)
    Donna, your a classic! Crickey, struff! ...and I have to see this dinner set, love that pattern!
    P x


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