Friday, 17 February 2012

:: Eames- I want it all!


The Eames designs are WOW!

The Eames 'hang it all' are for those of us on a budget and can't afford their other products but
when I saved up and ordered mine, I was over the moon.

I know there are cheaper reproductions about but I can't concede to purchase a knock off.
Best to put aside your pretty penny I say!
Here she her splendor

spot the the ouchflower

Here are some Pinterest pins from my Eames hang it all board...I love seeing what others do with theirs!
It tells so much about the home and who resides there.



On a side note;
This is a pic of my Valentines pressie, my lovely husband READ my blog and did some eBay research!
I was very impressed, all my prattling about the joys of blogging have paid off and the Dansk, grinds my pepper and sprinkles my salt beautifully :)


  1. Love your Hang-It-All and your ouchflower! Your husband is to be commended for a really thoughtful, special Valentine's Day gift and not just the last-minute box of candy bought on the way home from work. Good job, Mr. Ouchflower!

  2. I love your Hang-It-All too! My mother gave me one for Christmas, but because we rent I haven't put it up. I'm in constant turmoil with it sitting in its box.

    You have lovely taste! Those salt-and-pepper mills are quite the bomb!

  3. Love your Hang-it-All Pippa (and that it's a real one) and the s&p mills too, I bet they feel lovely to hold. What a thoughtful husband you've got. I shall have to show mine this post. Ha!

  4. Thanks Dana, Mr ouchflower loves his new title! P x

    Makeminemidcentury sorry to hear that your Eames is dwelling sadly in it's box and not admired by all to see. Your in the law business maybe you could argue a clause in the rental agreement?
    P x


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