Tuesday, 28 February 2012

:: Mid Century OMG!


"Gypsy Marsh" 80/80 by Toni Carner
framed silkscreen.

Whilst perusing pinterest, 
I stumbled upon this image of a lovely sideboard, I have been thinking of starting a sideboard "lust board" for some while and thought that I should start! 

But before I start pinning, I like to see the original source for pins and I came across this site

 Needless to say, the sideboard went out of my mind when I saw this beauty..........is it the colours? the curves in the landscape? the teal bench seat? charcoal blue wall? everything?

Great site and great styling!

P x

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  1. Gorgeous! I think it's all of the above. I love the colors and lines in the picture, and the teal bench against that charcoal wall is spectacular.


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