Wednesday, 29 February 2012

:: Two blog friends go thrifting, to see what they could find!


 Last Saturday, Donna from Hung Up On Retro and I met up, at our favourite seconds dealer, to begin our Big Thrift Day Out!

 Donna was the first blogger to comment on my early posts and over the last 6 months we have enjoyed sharing and getting to know each other.

Saturday was our first adventure together (bit of an internet blind date)and here are the pic's of my retro finds.

(highly recommend a visit)

Today Donna and I are linking in..... so when your finished having a look-see please do pop over to 
Hung Up On Retro to see what Donna found that day!

When I began my blogging activities, I didn't guess I would firstly meet you lovely people but that I would find a local retro lover! 

.......and I made a lovely new friend too,

Thanks Donna for a great day!

P xx

More Hornsea

Spanish plate to add to the plate wall.
John Russell

West German Pottery

Nice Planter.


  1. Excellent, excellent finds!

    Thrifting is so addictive, isn't it? And going with a friend makes it all the more fun!

    Cute post. Would love to know how much you spent on the Hornsea ... I saw a three-piec cannister set at my local Salvos for $80! I thought that was a bit much for an Op Shop.

  2. Wish I could've tagged along. I love your plates and planters. I've checked out Donna's blog and am now a happy follower of her blog too.

  3. Lovely finds...The Hornsea is beautiful, and I have a soft spot for West German pottery. I didn't know you had an Enid Seeney Homemaker plate! I'm green with envy!

  4. Plates look awesome on the wall, as does the fern in your red West German pottery!

  5. Thankyou lovely people!
    @MMMC the Hornsea pieces were very reasonable, the bowl $8.00 and sugar and creamer around $20.00 ish, tell your Salvo's there dreaming!

    @Kylie your welcome to join us, when next your in Melbourne, Donna's shout!

    @Dana, I snuck the Homemaker in, just making sure your on our toes! They are lovely designs, I have a book on the designer, great read!

    @Donna, linking in was fun! X

  6. How lovely! Waverley Antiques Bazaar is amazing.

  7. Great finds. You can never have enough Hornsea or WG pottery in my book. xx

  8. @Brismod, I' beginning to think so, the glazes are so luscious!

    @Alicia, I'm looking forward to seeing what goodies you plan for your own shop!


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