Sunday, 18 March 2012

:: Beautiful Rack

My newest eBay acquisition, a Danish Magazine Rack!
I'm slowly learning the who's who of the Danish Designers.
Sadly there is no makers mark on this one but I'm a sucker for sexy legs and this beauty has four of them!
A nice interplay of Form and Function?

Do you remember this post I did some while ago?

Well Andrea of Odds&Ends, the maker of this cutie has been an extremely busy lady and was commissioned by L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Paris Runway #3.(OMG)

Any one worth their salt in the fashion world, know the prestige of this festival!
Her Cacti were on the runway with many Fashionista Greats!
Do visit her Blog for pic's, you wont be disappointed! 

I know, I have already asked this week for some sugar but I know you have some more to spare!

I'm so impressed and overjoyed for Andrea that I had to share!



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