Thursday, 15 March 2012

:: Show some sugar!


Hey Beautiful People, I would like to ask you, to show some sugar!

A very sweet lass named Tes, has just started her first blog milkviensdecor!(see above pic...starting off pretty well)

She is an ex student of mine and I would like to show her some support by asking you to pop by!

She's a cool cat! 
She shares our passion for vintage/retro thrifting, interior design and all things quirky and crafty!
She is also very talented musically, simply beautiful and a very good egg!

Tes, all the best! You are going to love this blog journey!


What are you doing 7pm on Sunday the 25th of March?
Want to Link in your blog with us? 
We are posting our "Top 5 covet List"?
Your Top 5 can come from anywhere, Design, Architecture, Fashion, Homewares, Film etc but maybe keep a Mid-Century/Retro/Vintage vibe about it! 
Click on link for more information! 


  1. Tess's blog is lovely Pippa, just like you said it would be.

  2. I enjoyed Tes's blog and wanted to tell her so, but I think she has comments disabled.

  3. Hi Pippa! Tes has an awesome blog!! Beautiful pics. Will def be a follower when I can sign up! xx

  4. Oops! Thanks so much Pippa for the love! And thank you everyone else for your kind words :)

    Will have to enable comments!

  5. Thanks for popping by Ladies! xx

    @ Tes, you sure can learn many wonderful blogging tips from these ladies blogs and have fun along the way!


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