Sunday, 4 March 2012

:: Feelin...BLUE

The arrival of my 4 porcelain plates from the Whitby Collection @ Mini Moderns, has caused an interior reshuffle. 

Forced! I was too spend Sunday afternoon playing 
Interior Designer...harsh I know, but someones got to do it!

Firstly here are the perps!

 Here are some blue friends to join them...

Starting to take shape!

My Lady Turquoise (aka click clack bench seat) now has a new setting befitting of her status!

(and no I did not dress my offspring in blue, for the shot, but he did insist to being in the picture)

The Whitby plates came in a lovely box, safe and sound from the UK.
Great products and pretty reasonable considering the AU$ at the moment!

Lady Turquoise was found on my neighbours hard waste, every imaginable trash was piled on her and all I could see was this sexy leg. 

I knew she was special, introduced myself and asked nicely. 
I then had her restored (she was white vinyl).

I thinks she might be a T.H Brown or a Danish Deluxe (pure Australian Mid Century)?
She has had, 3 owners circa 1950-60 and there are a pair of armchairs still at the Neighbours, I lie in wait.....
I have not come across her likeness entirely but have seen those legs on an armchair (TH Brown).
If you know more, feel free to let me know,
P xx


  1. I don't know who is responsible for the lovely Lady Turquoise, but I do know I love your style Pippa!

  2. I just love what you've done. I'm completely enamoured with your shelf and its display!

    Really, my heart is beating faster! I love seeing how others decorate their home. You have such a knack! And good taste doesn't have to cost a lot, does it? High Fives for hard rubbish! I'm completely thrilled your couch has a story and you saved it from the trash (or someone else who we'll never know).

    Now I need a Sunday-night spritzer to calm the nerves.

  3. So, so beautiful! How wonderful that you were able to save your click clack from the trash! The shelf, the plates, the bench...everything is perfect.

  4. You have done a beautiful job with the set up. Love your new plates and the click clack couch is wicked! And you got a bonus model in the shot too!! Very cute. I'm digging the crate on the wall too - nice one. x

  5. What a beautiful display! The shelf with the collection of blue and turquoise is the perfect pairing with those plates.

  6. Thanks lovely ladies for stopping by and welcome Sherry to the blog!
    Trash finds are always the best, but do cost somewhat on what restoration you do, but the way I see it, you could easily spend as much at the big store but not get the value. Lady Turquoise will retain her value then some as mid century will never lose it's cool!
    Hey it's that joint interest that has brought us all together...and we're cool!
    Loving the plates too and are thinking of colour blocking the rest of the house!
    P x

  7. Oh my - this is beauty incarnate! *s*


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