Tuesday, 6 March 2012

:: Good Reading!

Not only is collecting Mid Century/Retro/Vintage FUN!.....but so is reading about it.

So I thought I'd share some gems with you.

 A 50's classic! 
Made by Woolworths for the domestic market, designer chic at a budget price. I love this dinnerware, apparently the red one featured on the cover is rare and only distributed in Australia.
Eyes are pealed!!
 A Woman in a Man's world!
 UK Ceramic Designer, love the Art Deco patterns on her wares and she had an affair with a married man...saucy minx!

 An Australian Treat!
This book was put together by a married couple, very knowledgeable  Design enthusiasts and very passionate about Australian Mid Century!

 Eye Candy!
Lots of lovely images on real authentic homes, not too styled but hey! Who doesn't love that? 

Also an Ercol on the front cover...I'm swooning!
 How to do Mid Century!
Great book on American and Scandinavian Design classics...reader beware because this book may incite an attack on your piggy bank!

 Atomic Goodness!
This is the book I'm taking to the Architect when Mr ouchflower says "Honey, we have won big on the races!"

Print Pattern Print Pattern!
Endless, great images of wondrous colour, shape, line, point and pattern!


  1. I love book posts. I guess it's the old literature teacher/librarian in me. Some of these I'm familiar with (Atomic Ranch is on my coffee table.) and some I need to find.

  2. I'm a Teacher too, Art and Design, so I call this collection professional learning!

    I'm new to Ranch homes so any pointers to good reads, are greatly appreciated :)

  3. You have a great collection of MC texts. I have one of those, and a few others I've seen but not purchased such as Atomic Ranch and Mid-Century Modern. I'm now tempted to head to Book Depository!

  4. Keep us in the know if you stumble on any gems, whilst perusing book depository!
    Great site! :)

  5. Oooh good books! I bought the Emily Chalmers one for my sister in law for Christmas. Will have to buy myself a copy now! x

  6. I have a very similar collection on my book shelf. One of my favourites is 'Modern Retro Tabletop' (ISBN 1841721271). It was one of the first books I bought when I started collecting mid-century and I am always very excited to find anything featured in it.

  7. Your a cool Sis in-law Donna!

    Thanks for the tip Ruby's Rooms, I will look it up! I'm always so envious of your lovely finds and the markets you get to go to in the UK. :)

  8. You have one book here that we're dying to get our hands on - 1950s fashion print - but thanks for the heads up, they all look like interesting reads!

  9. Thanks for commenting @chairsmith, I hope this book comes to you very soon, it's a really lovely publication with great images.
    I have been sourcing some books from online second book sellers, rather than the big online stores.I wish you luck! :)


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