Thursday, 8 March 2012

:: International Woman's Day

This is our day, an international recognition of the role of women in our society.
I have been very fortunate to have had and continue to have, women in my life who inspire and support me...I hope we all do!
So today instead of looking into the sphere of celebrity, Arts, Science, Politics etc
I'm looking to honor someone closer.

This is Gertrude Christina Smith, known as Chris to family and friends or Fred to Tom, her loving husband.
Chris was born in London, in 1919.
She met Tom,  at their shared lodgings house in Welling, Kent, they courted and swifty married before WWII.
Tom a brickie, joined the Mountain Regiment, he did his training in Scotland and was posted oversea's.
Chris, newly married stayed with Tom's family in Scotland and their first child, Beatrice was born.
They wrote many love letters to each other during this time.
Tom returned from the war, he was in the V'day march, captured in newspapers all around the world.
They reunited as family and returned to Welling, and took residence in a new home built on the land formerly known as Lovers Lane, a place of their courtship.
A son, Iain soon followed.
She lived an ordinary life as wife and mother, she had a great sense of humour and loved flowers to be planted in the spring. She collected Humel figuarines, and cooked the best roast.

She was my paternal Grandmother, she was special to me. 

P x


  1. That's beautiful.
    We sometimes feel that unless we are doing something newsworthy with our lives than we aren't worthwhile. Being a wife and mother can appear unremarkable to the outside world, but within a family a mum is the most important person in a family and has the ability to leave an amazing impression on her family. An impression that in your case has spread across two generations.

  2. What a lovely post,often it's the ordinary things that we remember as the most special. I miss my Nanna as well. My Dad comes from Kent.

  3. What a beautiful story. She must have been a very special woman.

  4. Thankyou to all for your lovely comments, I hope International Women's Day was special to you too.
    @Simmone, Kentish Nanna's must have been a special breed!

    @ Something Gorgeous, your eloquent comment on motherhood, tugged at my heart strings! :)

  5. I think that is such a beautiful story...
    I'm a genealogist in my spare time and LoVe watching Who Do You Think You Are?
    I think it is remarkable to value being a Wife and Mother...we don't put enough value on it...
    ........................................................Tania Maree xx


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