Friday, 13 April 2012

:: Are you a Creative?

Urrrrr, mmmm........well...YES I blurted! When asked by a retailer.

Today was delivery day for the Modern Times Pop Up Shop #3, ready for opening night, on Friday the 20th of April. 

I spent the morning mooching around all the uber cool shops in Collingwood, dreaming my many ouchflower dreams?

I got talking with the lady running the "The Super Cool" pop up shop, and she asked the question....Are you a Creative?

 I'm called many things.....Mama by my Son, Pippi by my mother, Sister by my Brother, Philippa by my Husband, Pip by my old school friends and Mrs Taylor or Miss by my students....

I think I like this new title, it seems different somehow then Designer or Maker...Creative makes everything seem possible!

I have added sphagnum moss to the glass vessels, for effect!
Tagged and trust up, for travel!
Adding the cuttings, creating mini gardens is the fun bit!

Are you a Creative?
What do you think?



  1. There's no doubt that you're extremely creative. It's one of the many hats you wear, and you wear it very well. :)

  2. Thanks Fairy Godmother! Your very kind :)

  3. These make me so happy, I can't even process it!


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