Saturday, 14 April 2012

:: Collections #4

My lastest finds, Midwinter Stylecraft (UK) bowl (fashion shape) and a cake stand. 

I picked up the bowl from a garage sale and the cake stand via Etsy, all the way from Canada.
It took 3 months!

 I'm not usually big on florals but this pattern has a bit of a rock in roll edge, with the fine black crisscross pattern behind the roses.
The rose is a robust rose too not a soft romantic whimsical type...I do like a bit of an edge!
And I'm a sucker for Midwinter!

I was overjoyed to find this beauty at the op shop for $3.00.
I have admired Flensted Mobiles for a while now and these swallows retail for AUD $30.00.
I'm very pleased!
On another note, I'm now ready to fill my shop with goodies.
 I will work feverishly to create some new wares. 
A special thanks to those who have visited my shop only to be dissappointed, 
I'm so very sorry and stupidly thought no one would visit,
(not very bright)so off I go to do some knotting!



  1. Gorgeous Midwinter, fabulous Flensted (bargain!)
    On another note I have a vintage Bee & Cee thread art kit with all its bits and pieces intact. I'm wondering if you'd like it. I think you being a "creative" type, you might. If you would it's yours, send me a note to let me know and I'll post it over.

  2. Great finds. I knew nothing about Midwinter till we scored a full set at an auction last year. (We don't get much of it here in Texas.) I started researching it, and now I'm hooked.


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