Tuesday, 1 May 2012

:: Little Lion Love

It has been a long time since I have created something in clay that I am truly excited about! 
So much so that this Little Lion vase is not even finished.
It still has to dry out before a bisque fire and how am I going to glaze it?

I was teaching my group of Yr 7's on how to make a wrap vase, I always make a version to demonstrate the technique but rarely finish what I make...but not this time!

Certainly inspired by a bit of mid century ceramics, don't you think?

I will update you soon on Little Lion's journey through the kiln, many blessing to the kiln gods that it doesn't crack or break!

the latest issue of Est magazine is out! 
I warn you, you may need to sit down with a cuppa and the cone of silence over your head, it's full of loveliness!



  1. The little lion is amazing! I can't wait to see him finished.


    I would so love to get my hands on clay! I used to go to pottery classes in the 70s when I was about six. I remember wearing patent clogs and making crazy things. I loved it. I wish I could go back. If only there were old fashioned pottery classes like that now-a-days ... maybe there are?

  3. I love it, love it, love it!So VERY mid century, bitossi. Can't wait to see it glazed.

  4. It's great! I'm very impressed - as always with your lovely work. Nice one.x

  5. Love.
    Wanna make me one?
    Can't wait to see it glazed.

    p.s. macrame, pottery, embroidery, what can't you do?

  6. Thanks all for popping by!
    I hope you have some pottery classes in your area @MMMC, it would be worth investigating? If you were in Melb, we'd make a class together!
    I hope to make more, still feeling the good clay vibe so I will let you know Kylie :)
    Donna, Dana and Nick, your ace!

  7. Love this! Very impressive.

  8. Oh Pippa, he is lovely, Would love one for my collection. Well done! A x


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