Sunday, 24 June 2012

:: 24/06/06 - 24/06/12

Lion -Lisa Larson.
 Today, Mr Ouch Flower and I celebrate 6 years of wedded bliss but it has been 12 years that we have shared our lives together!

Someone has been paying attention, because here is my gift.....soooo lovely! 
Big smiles over here :)

We had a small wedding in a pub, on the Mornington Peninsula, no fuss..... just great canapes, live music and a huge bar bill, thanks Dad!
Literally, my Father and Father in law were stationed at the bar, out doing themselves with the Guinness and whiskey chasers!

I was determined to create everything for the wedding myself invites, pin holes, thankyou gifts, wedding jewellery, hair, makeup etc

This did not include the dress, which was lovingly made by a dear friend, using this vintage Vogue pattern.
We altered the front to a V and AUD $50.00 later, done!

I couldn't do flowers so I made this beaded bag instead and the brooch, to add to my belt.

 We were smiling with joy but it was cold and wet and @ 5pm when this pic was taken, very similar to today's weather!


PS You have gotta love a Scotsman in his kilt!


  1. Happy anniversary! Your gift is adorable. I love your wedding photos too. Your dress is gorgeous, and so are the accessories you made.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Pippa. What a beautiful gift. Clever husband. Keep him! Thanks for the i-advice!

  3. Happy anniversary to you and your husband Pippa. I love your wedding dress, so simple and stunning and cheap too (even cheaper than mine which cost 75 bucks from Chapel St Bazaar)
    I think simple weddings are the nicest by far. Mine was (although I'm sure my daughters will expect extravaganzas!)
    Love your lion too, just think of the menagerie you'll have down the track x

  4. Happy Anniversary! Lovely gift. Your wedding looked like great fun. The dress and bag are amazing! Lovely post.xx

  5. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had an amazing wedding (and looove the dress!). x

  6. Big smiles and many thanks for your lovely comments Ladies! :)

  7. Happy anniversary Pippa! It looks so lovely :) Kx

  8. Lovely wedding and a fabulous present!

  9. Happy anniversary! Love the lion (and your dress and accessories). We're celebrating 9 years this week.


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