Tuesday, 26 June 2012

:: Yarn Bombing Update!

 The Melbourne winter has firmly set in but our trees are looking cosy!
So many of our staff at school have come out to knit and crochet squares to decorate the tree's! 
So far so good!

On side note I have been drawing! I was so inspired by the Willa's Wildlife illustrations that I had to draw my own.
At the moment you see a very faint pencil drawing......I'm now stuck!
Should I just add fine liner or go all out and render in coloured pencil?

Sorry the pic is a bit ordinary, it's so hard to photograph white paper!
I will update soon on my progress. 
I'm still doing macrame and crocheting a blanket as well!
...... Busy, busy, busy!

Happy Tuesdays to you!



  1. Wow! Great illustration! I would photocopy it and play with the copies before you change the original :) Kx

  2. Great idea, so simple, now I can continue! Thanks Kylie :)

  3. Yarn bombing looks awesome! Great illustration indeed. Can't wait to see the end result. Loving the blog look too - really great header : )

  4. Years ago I did a lot of pen and ink drawings, but I think I'd like to see yours in colored pencil.

    I had never heard of yarn bombing till I read your earlier post. However, my daughter and I were out and about the other day, and we drove by a school in Dallas where they were yarn bombing their trees too. :)

  5. Thanks Donna, I will slowly add my new graphics, I can't believe I made it!
    Thanks Dana! You should join in, glad to have introduced you to something new, coloured pencil it is, I think! :)

  6. Yarn bombing is such great fun, I love it. And your drawing looks like it's going to be brilliant.

    ps. I have sent you an email

  7. Your illustration is lovely! I'm loving the yarn bombing too! x

  8. Yarn bombing is just about the cutest thing in the world!


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