Friday, 15 June 2012

:: June Celebrations

It's my Dad's birthday this what to give a man 65 years young? 
A picture of his offspring on their wedding days, with him. 
All of us looking our best!
A bit of Photoshop later and Ta Da as they say!
Yes that's me and the handsome bugger in the kilt is my big Bro!

Incidentally both my brother and I celebrate our wedding anniversaries in June, so the wedding pics kind of fit well...brrrr they were both, cold and wet days!
But more about that later!

All the best for the weekend!


  1. What a good looking trio you make Pippa.
    I love your fur and your Dad's jaunty bow tie.
    Looking forward to "the later"...

  2. What a wonderful gift for your dad...and what a good looking family you are. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  3. What a great post! I LOVE these photos!! You both look amazing and so happy. It's so lovely to take a peek into your special days. Happy Birthday to your dad! (for yesterday. a buck short, a day late...)

  4. Shhucks folks thanks :), we had a great family day today, pub meal, walk along the creek and back at mine for cake!

  5. What a lovely idea, lovely pics,very pretty Pippa.


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