Saturday, 9 June 2012

:: More Macrame

Off to Modern Times again, with the latest batch of Hangers!
No two are alike, which is probably what keeps me going, I kinda see them as little art gardens. 
I hope your not tired of seeing these? :)

But when in Collingwood you have to shop as well, here's the booty! No pun intended!

This winter I have given up black!  
Black! did I hear you say, no self respecting Melbournian, gives up black. 
Well I have decided too because it makes me look sickly and pasty. So bring on teals and blues!

New Portuguese Leather boots!
New Hornsea Vase-LOVE!
New Read, which will have a post all of it's own, soon!

Happy long weekend, Thanks Queenie!


  1. Nope, not tired of your moderne macrame Pippa.
    I do like the yellow triangles.
    And the cover on that Midwinter book, it would make the loveliest wallpaper I reckon x

  2. Not tired of it either. Love the finds too, the boots are my favorite.

  3. I love the yellow triangles too! Also, I love the idea of substituting teal for black. The boots are wonderful, as is the vase. We sold our huge Midwinter set several months ago, so I'm looking forward to the post. I need a Midwinter fix.

  4. Thanks ladies, more yellow triangles in order!

  5. Love your macrame work Pippa! It was great to meet you today. Stay in touch!

  6. Thanks Phoebe, same! It was lovely to put a face to your lovely textile adornments! :)


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