Tuesday, 5 June 2012

:: Trio Neon Supreme!

Diana Ross eat your heart out! 
This neon business is the business and I'm on for the ride, with a bit of Ouch Flower flavour!

Bright aren't they?
When you have recovered, I'm planning to open the shop with these babies in August to celebrate my 1 year blog anniversary. 
What do you think?
Hope you are well, no nasty winter bug has you at it's mercy?




  1. Woohoo-love these! Shop opening sounds great. A wonderful way to kick of your one year anniversary. xx

  2. How wonderful to celebrate your anniversary in this way. We are almost birthday mates. One year just past. Hard to believe isn't it? G.x

  3. Thanks Donna! :)

    Lovely to hear about your one year blog anniversary G, it's an achievement worth celebrating!

  4. These are fabulous Pippa, can't wait to be able to purchase some of your wares from your shop!

  5. What fun! Can't wait for the shop to get started!

  6. They're fab, happy blogiversary and I hope your shop is very successful.

    Thanks for linking up (could you please add a link to mine in your post? ta)

    No winter bugs as it's (supposedly) Summer here, but I am in bed with something nasty none the less!

  7. Thanks all for the support! Big :) 's


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