Sunday, 12 August 2012

:: A Healthy Dose of Family!

 This weekend has been filled with family fun!
On Saturday we hosted the family lunch for my Nephew (Godson) who turned 18, we had a UK inspired decs and food to celebrate!

 And today was my Brother's youngest Christening (4 Girls!)

....but really it was all about taking my husbands new camera out for a spin!
It's an Olympus Pen Mini.
OMG I feel like a pro with this beauty in my hands.
Hope your weekend was great!



  1. What a joyous post Pippa. Fabulous photos and looks like you guys had a great day. :-)

  2. Lovely photos of la famiglia Pippa.
    Is that #1 son in the red shirt? Very cute.
    My eye is drawn to those placemats on your table. Bet you made them (?)

    p.s. missed Dream House tonight, the girls and I were at the theatre darlink, The Nutcracker on Ice. Will check it later though because it sounds beautiful/interesting.

  3. Look at you go with a new camera! Hurrah! Great pics of your family. Looks like a great day had by all.x

  4. What a lovely, delightful family you have, Pippa. They all look so happy. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time together.

  5. It was a really lovely day, no tears and lots of cake! Thanks all for lovely comments!
    Yes Kylie, the little chap is mine, I have resisted posting pics of him but it was too cute not too share!
    And the placemats are mine too, printed in a one day workshop, nothing is missed by your design eye! :)


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