Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Crafty Career!

new stairs to St Kilda Rd from Southbank, Melbourne.
 Today I took a day off to attend the Craft Victoria, Craft Cubed 2012. 
I went to the "Craft and Design as a Career" talk.
I will need all the advice and support I can get if this is going to be a serious venture!
The talks were great and some very insightful tips were shared, 
of note, was designer Bec Orpin.
Paper crafter Ebony from Hello Sandwich.
Fashion designer Alexi Freeman.

Etsy gave a great chat on what they offer to the crafting community too!

A great day! 
The main message was collaboration, collaboration between designers and collaboration with big companies!
I like to collaborate, It's part of my day job, try collaborating with 24x15 year olds! 
Yes man that's how I roll but seriously, 
I'm up for a crafty collab! 
Are you?
Let me know?

I woke up one day at 3am with an epiphany, embroidery and macrame together, WHY had I not thought of this sooner!!. 
The next day I hunted through my draws and found this old embroidery and off I set, to make a dream, a reality. 
More pics soon!

Embroidery & Macrame Wall Hanging.

Linking in with Ta Dah Tuesday @ Faith Hope and Charity shopping!, I'm late but still?


  1. You're so cool. You're going to make a fortune. I'm glad I knew you back in the day (like a few months ago).

    I want one of your owls. You just do what you do because you've got style Mama.

  2. That is really amazing ;o)
    I can't even braid hair......I know because I just tried......
    Tania xx

  3. I agree with MMMC - you'll be a star. You'll be on The Design Files. I'll read your interview and tell everyone "she's my pen-pal, I've got one of her macrame's..." I'll try to sound subtle, but of course I'll be name dropping.
    Can't wait to see your epiphany. Love.

  4. I love you guy's, your nuts! I won't forget you when I reach craft über status! LOL!

    Tania you might not know how to braid but you have a pineapple door knocker, you're made it! :)

  5. Embroidery and macrame! I'm looking forward to seeing the pics too! The sky is the limit for you my friend. xx

  6. Sounds like a great conference, and I know you'll be successful if that's the career path you decide to take. I love the embroidery and macrame combination. I can't wait to see more pictures!

  7. You're certainly very talented - if anyone is going to achieve a career in craft and design it would be you. That wall hanging looks beautiful x

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, good lack with your new venture, I will be back to see how things develop! Ada :)

  9. More embroidery + macrame please! That's absolutely divine! ^_^

  10. :) xxx :) xxx :) thanks lovely people!


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