Saturday, 18 August 2012

:: Circle Wall Hanging

All finished and ready for the shop......yes you say with a sigh! 
I know I have being saying this for ages but soon :)

 I have used a super soft twine, that is very tactile and appealing to touch and I think it compliments the linen fabric of the embroidery very nicely!

Felt balls, I love these and would hang the every where if I had the chance.

  A bit of styling for effect, winter sun was very elusive this morning, now it's out....... but the camera battery is dead so it will have to do.

 A bit of taunting for Tania.....
the next wall hanging to be macramed up!
I hope you like the coastal effect? :)

I had to show you the boy's recent drawings, the smiling centipede family! 
Literally just four days ago they were just represented with lines, you can see a line drawing in green but now they have faces, hair and shoes!

Children are amazing little sponges, I think he learnt this at kinder because it wasn't done here at home with us.
In years to come, he might take over the family business!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. So, so beautiful...and I love the felt balls too.

  2. Oh...and I forgot to say how wonderful I think your son's centipede family is. They look very happy indeed, and their shoes are lovely. :) Grandson #1 graduated from scribbling to drawing a real circle today. I was drawing stove burners on their Magic Table so they could pretend to cook, and he copied the circles I was drawing, right down to the size. I was proud.

  3. Ohhhhh Dana what a special moment!
    I'm so pleased you were there for that, I bet he was pleased with himself!

  4. Well Pippa, they do say the apple never falls very far from the tree!

    As for Epithany, it's a beautiful piece, I really do like it. It looks stunning, sunshine or not.

    I think you are very clever coming up with these awesome new ideas all the time.

    Looking forward to some retail therapy when ouchflower (finally) opens its doors x

    p.s. you might have to bribe #1 son to help you out when it opens...think they're gonna sell fast.

  5. A very clever wall hanging Pippa, lovely colours and little one's artwork is so cute,(ha hair,shoes).My youngest went through a jellyfish stage.

  6. So beautiful ... can't wait to see more ... I love felt ball garlands too ... I made some for last Christmas but they are just too pretty to take down ... love the centipedes .. what happy little faces ... Bee x

  7. You are super talented......
    And a big tease. What Coastal Macrame piece?
    Hint??? ;o)
    PS. LoVe the centipedes. Very CuTe!
    Tania xx

  8. Centipede family is so cute. It deserves pride of place on the front of the fridge. New wall hanging is absolutely beautiful. So pretty.x

  9. Love your wall hanging, I think I need to learn to embroider! And super styling, I'm having same problem with our winter sun too! S:)

  10. Beautiful work! (both of you!) Kx

  11. Wow this is so beautiful and so unique! Love the felt balls too, I need to get some! x


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