Friday, 2 November 2012

:: Art Glass Vignette

 My Art glass collection is growing, I display them amongst my jewellery boxes at the end of my bed. 
They are so pretty and fact this is the most girly I get!

I picked up the peonies on the way home from work, I've taken to awarding myself regularly with flowers after the working week, rather than too much wine.

 My bed spread was my maternal grandmothers, I didn't know her well but she collected many nice things that I have been fortunate to have acquired. I think, I might of acquired my taste for collecting from her. More of that for another day!

I'm sharing this with Tania on tomorrow's Scandi Coast "Saturday Style" post, but I'm early because tomorrow is the Retro Cook off at Hung up on Retro and Lucy Violet Vintage....and I've decided to be in two places at once!

Happy weekend!

Since our Crafty Collab share, I have met some new friends in blogland and I'm so pleased your here, your very welcome!



  1. What a beautiful sight to greet you in the morning. They are so lovely! Wishing you a gorgeous weekend :)

  2. Your collection is beautiful. The colors are simply wonderful, and the peonies are such a nice touch. We had a huge peony bush by our front door when I was a kid, and I love them. Your grandmother's bedspread is so pretty too!

  3. I love your glass, your grandmother's bedspread and peonies Pippa. I wasn't expecting you to have a bed like that (which doesn't mean I don't like it 'cause I do) I do spy a teak bedside table though, which I was expecting. Nice to see you mixing it up in the boudoir. Ha!

  4. Happy weekend to Steph!

    Dana I'm so jealous, I love peonies but have never thought to grow my own at home! Will have to sort this soon!

    I know Kylie I'm a riddle wrapped up in a mystery! It's not all teak here, a bit of cast iron too! It's my pride and joy, I saved up for it and choose the grey especially! :)

  5. Such a pretty bed!. Great little glass how art glass catches the light. Oh and I love your blog!!
    Allison :)

  6. This glass looks lovely together! I've definitely inherited my Grandmas love of interiors! :)

  7. my mum has some of this glass, it's very cool!
    gotta love the peonies.
    Bec x

  8. Stunning glass. The room looks very pretty.
    Penny x

  9. Your glass collection is beautiful Pippa!
    I like the look of the bedspread but I can't see the details......T xx

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