Saturday, 3 November 2012

:: Retro Cook Off

Don't fear Ladies and Gents, I have Xmas covered, follow me to the path of deliciousness and no hassle!

Take the Spam, Peaches and Cream of celery soup cans, out of the cupboard and begin!

Open up your spam can, pop on a baking tray, slice, and pour over the peach juice and insert some peaches into the slits you have created, too!

It's Xmas so pop in a few cloves as well!

Put into a preheated oven, bake at 180 for 30 min, baste your Xmas ham often and sit back and soak in the spam/peach aroma's!

Mmmm now your impressed and so will be your guests!

Now for a soup/beverage!

It's often hot at Xmas and so you won't want to stand at the stove for this one!
So open up the can, pour soup into the blender with a cold cup of milk, and blend!
Now pour into your best Xmas cup and serve, the kids will love it!

To make this table decoration, clean the spam can, pierce a hole at the bottom, find a small child to colour in your tree, glue to a bamboo stick and insert!

Do visit Hung Up On Retro and Lucy Violet Vintage today, they are the instigators for this post!
Loads of fun!
Happy Retro Cooking to you!



  1. Hideous!! I was laughing from the moment I saw the ingredients pic! You had me at Christmas & SPAM. I am at a complete loss with that 'Soup Shake' drink - so gross. Thanks so much for joining. Think I'll pass on Christmas at yours this year...xx

  2. I am laughing hysterically about your soup shakes...and your deadpan comment, "The kids will love it."

    Leave it to you to come up with an artsy centerpiece too. That inverted Spam can is priceless.

    Isn't this fun? I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

  3. The cooked spam actually looks edible! My kids are mad about making smoothies at the moment, I wonder what they would think of a delicious cold soup drink?Hmmm, not so sure about that one!

  4. Spew shakes more like!!!

    How many cans do you reckon those 50's housewives would've opened? Too many to count I'd say. I found one recipe which called for three cans of soup, let me clarify, three different FLAVOURS of canned soup in one recipe! Ewww!

    I haven't eaten Spam since I was little (I have a vague memory of Spam and tomato sauce sandwiches! Yuk!) and while I can't say your recipe has encouraged me to relive old memories it actually does look very pretty (I never thought I'd use the word pretty and Spam in one sentence!)

    I love Maccies sail and you for joining in x

  5. This is the second retro cook off post I've come across today and both of them have made me laugh uproariously. Honestly I'm going to follow the link to see who thought of this. It's the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Did you actually eat it??

  6. Fantastic!! sending out menus early!...that way i can be sure of a very small gathering....just nan & pop who are blind and would think this a winner (they have lived through the depression, ie will eat anything!)
    what a cack!....i actually shuddered when i got to the soup part!
    my mum would try and get us to eat spam and pineapple sandwiches....i still have nightmares!
    Allison x

  7. I was thirsty. Now I'm not thirsty. I think that means 'success' in the retro cook-off stakes!

    PS Am loving your instagram tassel pics. Am desperate to become a part of the tassel lifestyle.

  8. SOUP. I forgot about all the soup recipes. What in the heck were they thinking? Your table decoration is the best. I did not do any food styling at all for my entry. Rush rush. What a fun Friday night I am having.

  9. Ew. Soup Shake. That is so horrid. Wow - that spam ham ham spam thing. I feel sorry for the peaches. Gorgeous!

  10. Oh my gosh... cancelling the turkey order tomorrow SPAM and peaches it is!! This is so funny not to mention the slogan hits the spot because there's Ham in SPAM hmmmm!.
    x Tina

  11. I don't think I've ever eaten spam before and I won't be starting now! Love the Christmas tree!

  12. Oh gross ... I have never been able to bring myself to eat Spam ... and cold soup shakes ... yum :) ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  13. So I,portent to incorporate the rubbish from the ingredients into the festivities, don't you think. The soup shakes are a lovely touch.

  14. Hi Pippa,
    I think this might be too sophisticated for me......people might think I'm a snob if I served this......tehe.
    Very classy styling too......I'm now rethinking my Christmas decor!
    T xx

  15. I can't believe that comes from an actual recipe!!!!! Fantastic, but awful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. Oh dear holy God...the little baby Jesus is crying over these culinary aberrations in his name! I've had such fun with this link up - I thought my cod in custard was bad but I feel a bit sick at soup shakes and spam with peaches!

  17. Soup will be surprised alright. The spam looks very fancy indeed.


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