Sunday, 4 November 2012

:: New Ombre Hangers

What I love about Macramé is the constant possibilities!
If I macraméd for the rest of my crafty life, I'd still be learning!

I think my work has taken a new direction with dyeing the twine and this ombre business is the BUSINESS!

These lovelies have found their way to Modern Times but as soon as my new shipment of twine is in (yes I'm twine less) then ombre hangers it is!

I'm loving the Paravent Chartreuse, of course the Scandi Coast Turquoise but the 70's Chutzpah Gold is becoming a favourite!

Scandi Coast Turquoise
70's Chutzpah Gold

Paravent Chartreuse  

 On a side note....
I saw this book cover on eBay and I had to have it, the description said it was a craft book and in great condition, it wasn't alot of money and I decided to take the chance.

So pleased I did, this sculptural macramé work by  Claire Zeisler has me gasping!
To me it is the ultimate macramé I have ever seen.
It is called "Red Forest" made from red jute for the collection held by the First National Bank of Chicago.
I will do a bit of research on her work and get back to you  :)

: Pippa


  1. Your new ombre hangers are gorgeous! I agree that Claire Zeisler's work is impressive. I can't wait to find out more about her and her designs.

  2. claires work def has the wow factor! the colours your working with.
    Allison x

  3. I am coveting your gorgeous hangers! I don't think I could possibly decide...maybe the chatreuse. I'd love one when you're twine comes in. Wishing you a lovely Sunday. Steph :)x

  4. I can't beleive the difference the dyed twine makes to your mini hangers Pippa. They're beautiful. As is Claire Zeisler's Red Forest. Well that's just spectacular. Wow!

  5. I love the Ombre macrame hangers. So cool. Are they in the shop yet? I want one!
    That book cover is so groovy - I can see why you wanted it! xx

  6. Loved the dyed twines!

    The book brings back memories too - I used to make huge sculptural macrame wall hangings like that! - I used to sell them to supplement my income as an art student. I imagine the cost of the twine would now be prohibitive though...(that was in late 70's/early 80s).

  7. you just get better and better, stunning colours, and that macrame sculpture is unreal x

  8. I would have bought it too, that cover is fab, I love the colours your making! :)

  9. Thanks all for the lovely comments, this constant knot making is paying off, I really can see the path I would like to take!
    Ray I would love to see your Macramé, you surprise me, I knew you were a kindred spirt! Your not wrong on the twine costs, maybe one day I will have a twine benefactor!
    Ladie's the shop will be full soon with hangers, a hangers bonanza!

  10. Wow, you did it again- absolutely love and admire your work, Pippa! The chartreuse is my favorite... Looking forward to reading what you're able to dig up about Claire Zeisler.
    All the best, Tove

  11. That book is so gorgeous and that macramé is unbelievable!! Kirsty from Kootoyoo said there's some good reasonably priced twine at Bunnings, Pippa. I think that's where she found her neon coloured twine too! :) Kx

  12. I love the way the colour graduates down the length of the hangers so subtle but so effective it looks as if you've dipped the hangers from the bottom in colour so clever!!!


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