Monday, 12 November 2012

:: Ouch Beads

 Well some of you remember that I declared my return to clay but in a new way, well these beads are the first cab off the clay rank!

The idea is that you can buy one substantial bead to put on your own necklace.
The Tiffany/Pandora type long chains are very popular at the minute, I have one! (see above)

I have a range of charms hanging off mine, which I change around, so these beads can just add to your jewellery possibilities!

They are pretty big, 4-5 cm and totes handmade! They sit nicely in your hand too, very tactile!

 There are more to come, other colours, shapes and sizes in the kiln as I type!
What do you think? 
Seriously fire away! 
Do I need to source chains? 
Would you wear the Ouch bead?

These are going into the shop soon!

The GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow! ........Have you joined? 
Please do, your very welcome!

: Pippa


  1. my favourite colour and lovely texture like the chain too

  2. Would I what?! LOVE these.xx

  3. These are SO nice! Lovely colour and texture. I really like the middle ones x

  4. I have to say I'm the proud owner of one of your beads and it's sitting pride of place on my bureau. I love the way it feels in my hands, and because I know it's hand made by you I love it even more. It's so glossy and smooth.
    I'd love a whole lot in different colours and I'd definitely wear them on a long chain.

  5. i love the palest colour and the first two shapes especially. modern but understated, lovely. i don't wear jewellery as a rule, but i have a soft spot fo ceramics, and especially for celadon so i do think i would wear one of these. but i think i'd want a woven (mini macramé) chain (true!) x

  6. These are gorgeous. The mini macrame 'chain' idea (above) is brilliant!

  7. Beautiful!.......your a clever clogs aren't ya!!....would love a pale lemon one!!
    Allison x

  8. They are just beautiful Pippa ... would definitely wear one ... Bee xx

  9. I don't think wearing an 'ouch' bead would hurt too much!

  10. Thanks all so much! The celadon is a lovely colour but I have a dark blue coming soon and I'll look into making a fine macramé chain too.
    Thanks MMMC for the lovely recommendation ! xx

  11. Just gorgeous! I'd definitely wear an Ouch bead. I especially love the first one and the chain it's on.

  12. I love them!!! Especially the last two :) Super fabulous. Kx

  13. They are very pretty! Love the texture and glaze. I think supplying a chain is a great idea. I can give you the name of a wholesaler in Brisbane if you are interested. :)


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