Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blog-Design-Dedication #4

This Pink Macramé Hanging basket has been 
inspired by Brismod @ Fun and VJ's!

A worthy tropical fruit basket!  
I think it would make a great addition to any Queenslander, but the Queenslander in question is the one that Jason is restoring!

This Husband and Wife team are dedicated to forge this Old house into a lovely home and they share their adventures with us, along the way!

Now I'm not sure Brismod is a pink girl but she sure loves tropical, have you read the pineapple series on her blog and this pink reminds me of fruit punch and I can imagine many a soiree at her place on a balmy night!

Have you seen her beautiful profile pic? She's certainly channeling a Tahitian Princess!

Throughout Brismod's lovingly called "Sows Ear", she has many beautifully curated displays of her thrift finds and Mid Century Australian furniture.

Teak features alot, which is why she must join "The Teak Lovers Society",(another post, another day)Butterfly chairs and much more!

A beautiful glass collection both Scandinavian and Australian bark only rivaled by the stain glass windows of her Queenslander home. (sweet pops of colour, dazzle the eye)
She also has a few handsome West Germans too!

All these goodies are surrounded by masses of VJ, expertly painted by the very capable and often topless Jason.....thanks Jason we like to see a man working!

I think the simplicity of this hanger with it's fruit punch colour, sling design and wicker basket, would go nicely!

Brismod, your blog is very inspiring and I've learnt so much from your posts and I look forward to seeing the "Sows Ears" journey unfold!



  1. What a great find! Loved reading this and popping over and visiting BrisMod too :) Thanks Pippa. Kx

  2. What a beautiful piece. You just keep coming up with one great design after another.

  3. Aww...shucks...that's like the nicest blog post about Fun and VJs ever. And whadaya mean channelling a Tahitian princess? I AM a Tahitian princess.

    p.s need to know more about this teak lovers society. How does one subscribe? xxx

  4. I want in on the teak-lovers society too.

    Would never have picked pink for ol' Brismod, but after reading your dedication, it's a perfect colour. I've been to her house (gorgeous and clean) and that hanging basket would fit right in. I can hear her laughing about the Tahitian Princess line! She's a doll.

  5. Another beautiful creation and a great dedication to Fun & VJ's. I love the Pineapple series! Beautiful work - loving the pink/tropical vice with the basket. xx

  6. Actually, I think this bowl should be filled with lovely purple passionfruit, they'd look gorgeous with pink macrame! I love Brismod too with her often topless Jason.

  7. Thanks all, thanks Princess!

    I'm loving the passion fruit idea too Naturally Carol!

  8. Love it the pink....should be filled with passion fruit and a big pineapple!
    Allison x


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